Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gold Cup

Samuel and Esther just finished performing at San Jacinto Community College for the "Gold Cup" piano event.  They had to memorize four piano pieces each and play them in front of judges.  Both did really well and seem just so relieved to be done with it.

On the same day we went to our Elementary School's carnival.  It turned out to be a cold and windy day, but luckily not rainy.  It was a successful fundraising event for our school after all.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Cooper Doggie

This is how Maggie calls our dog - My Cooper Doggie.  Every time we come back to the house from errands or school, she says: "It's my turn to get Cooper out", that is out of his crate.  This is one job  she has chosen for herself and performs religiously.  She puts away her shoes in the shoe basket immediately, since she does not want holes or slobber all over them, and runs to open the gate of the dog's crate.  She always tells me: "Say "Hi" to Cooper".  Unfortunately, she has felt his puppy teeth the most, but she also has learned to administer justice herself by running toward him with a doll-stroller or super hero's shield.  This dog can run! It is a sight to see!  Here they are together.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maggie's beatifully long hair

This little one needs a haircut, but the question is how much of a haircut.  When I let her hair down she says that she is "Elsa",  so I can only imagine her shock if we do a "bob".   On this is for sure that she and I are both tired of all the pulling every morning to get the perfect braid.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


Look who joined our family.  On January 3rd, 2015 all five of us went to pick him up from Fort Worth, TX.  He was 8 weeks then.  He is all that we ever hoped to have in a dog.  To tell you that we love our Golden Doodle, it will be an understatement.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Essie's Birthday

When did she get so big?!  She is a lovely thing, sweet, kind and fun! And did I mention, oh so smart?  We adore our "Queen" Esther.

We had a little family dinner, fajitas-her favorite,  and cup cakes  on the night of her Birthday.   The weekend before, we had a Pool Party for her and her friends at a friends house.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Alligators this weekend

For a third year in a row, we are getting a spectacular spring - low 70s and very dry air for two whole months.  It has been such joy to be outside for Samuel's baseball games, some kayaking, and some biking in the parks around.  It also helps greatly that our Esther has become so good at biking and always willing to take it out on any terraine. 

Two weekends ago, we went kayaking on a lake near Missouri City, biked in Herman Park and had lunch outside a French Cafe downtown Houston.  This weekend we went biking for a couple of hours in Brazos Bend State Park to get our fill of alligator sightings.  We ran out of time for our picnic since we had to take Samuel to San Jacinto College for his piano Ensemble practice.  However, later in the evening our Elementary school had an outdoor movie showing at the Pearland Town Center which gave us one more excuse to be outside. 

Can you count four turtles?

Guess who loves to take pictures?  I am not sure, but it is really easy to tell who does not.

This turtle was burying her eggs in the ground.  

This is Samuel at his Ensemble practice.  It looks like there will be 16 grand pianos playing the same piece at the same time at the actual recital.  It will be amazing to listen to and watch our hard working boy perform.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bluebonnets and lots of Indian Paintbrushes

This past weekend we headed out of town to see the bluebonnets.  We were a little late in the season though and did not see as many bluebonnets as we would have liked. However, we saw many Indian Paintbrushes, the red flowers in the pictures, which were also very beautiful.  This was Maggie's first time to see the Bluebonnets.  She said: "Had much fun with the purple flowers!"

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break

For Spring Break we went camping for three days to Goliad State Park.  We had a great time being with family, friends, and everything beautiful that nature has to offer.  Our major activities were kayaking on the San Antonio River, biking, playing games, taking pictures of red cardinals, and just being outdoors.  It was a true escape from the daily grind...

This is our car ready and full to the brim with anticipated fun:

The little travelers:

Setting up camp.  (This was Maggie's very first camping trip, excluding the time camping while I was pregnant with her. )


Accompanied by buzzards:

The camping ground was next to a historic site - an old Spanish Mission.

Making Cobra Bracelets:

Playing with a Frisbee:

Bows and Arrows:


Many kayak trips along the calm waters of the San Antonio river.

The Red Cardinals: